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What Students & Parents are saying

Dear Todd and Eugene,

I want to thank you both for the opportunity you've given Jessica at the Orange Park School om Music. We have seen (heard) a major improvement in her piano playing.

Ms. Lynn is a fabulous teacher! She has tought Jessica a nice variety of music that matches Jessica's personality.

Thank you all. Grace Dixon

I've gone to a couple fo different places for lessons, but the Orange Park School of Music is the first place where I feel I'm truly learning to play. This past year I have gotten much better technically as well as with my undertanding of theory.


My name is Nicholas Thomas and I have a dream to be a famous drummer. I'm 11 years old and Mr. Todd who teaches at Orange Park School of Music is making that dream come true. He spends extra time to help me become the famous drummer I want to be.


"I thought I was doing pretty well trying to teach myself how to play guitar by downloading tabs off of the internet. When I finally realized how time consuming this was, and that a lot of the tabs were wrong, I decided to give OPSM a try. Now I can honestly say I have learned more in six months than I did in six years of trying to do it myself. My teacher is a true professional and I highly recommend OPSM to everyone."


The thing I like about OPSM is Todd because he is very kind and helpful. I also like how he gives me extra time and he's kind of funny. Lastly, I love band because it's fun and I get to see Nicholas. That's why I like OPSM.

William Bishop (age 11)

Just a Note of praise for my Piano Teacher Ms. Lynn Larson

If you’re thinking of taking up piano or thinking of picking back up where you left off Lynn is great. She is part of the staff of the Orange Park School of Music. One of the best people you will
ever spend any time with. They have a great school and are all very friendly and personable there.
A wonderful place to learn music. When I first started going there I could not read much less play the piano.

It is a wonder to me that I am playing full songs all the way thru now. Lynn and the orange park school of music have made my learning experience the best.

Thank you to everyone

John Vessell